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The BBC have well and truly kicked off the marketing machine for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary, with a new retrospective trailer offering an epic, nostalgic look back at the Time Lord we all know and love.

Whilst it's not the trailer for The Day of The Doctor that fans have been clamouring for since Comic Con, it is still a rather lovely look at Doctor Who's history - and quite an explosive one too, with snippets of Doctors, companions and enemies from the past set to Matt Smith's bombastic narration, as well as an utterly fantastic remix of the theme tune! More than enough to get you hyped up for a bit of Doctor Who.


With just over a month to go before it all goes down, it's suddenly starting to feel a little more exciting now that we've had a first little tease of the marketing machine. Undoubtedly though, the best is yet to come. Are you ready, Who fans? It's the day he's been running from, all his life...

The Day of the Doctor airs worldwide on Saturday, November 23rd.

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