Because I hate waiting for the io9 article to talk about it. Impatient fans, unite! Spoiler warning...and by that I mean, spoilers for the episode, plus some vague book references that are not spoilery.

Book readers, let's not talk about any big spoilers here, mmk? Only about stuff that's already been covered in the show.

First, I'll say that when I saw Tywin walking through the empty throne room, I was excited. Shit's going down, Joffrey! Not as many fireworks as I would have hoped, but it was nice to see Tywin be Tywin with Joffrey, who deserves it (rather than, say, Tyrion).

As a book reader, I must say I prefer seeing Sansa's naïveté through / juxtaposed with Margaery, even more than seeing it through Sansa's POV. I really love how they have used Margaery so much so early in the TV show, and no one could do it the way Natalie Dormer is so cleverly portraying her. The moment where Sansa asks, "did your mother teach you?" Margaery considers telling her the truth for a split second (or maybe she is just astonished at Sansa's question and so fumbles slightly), but then tells Sansa what Sansa wants to hear.

Meanwhile, at Harrenhal...I love Jaime + Brienne! The way she says goodbye and calls him Ser Jaime is sweet. And of course, him coming back to rescue knightly and brave and honorable of him! He's the best. (Did any other book readers miss the dream, though?)


Talisa is preggers! I love how it took a couple of tries for him to get what she was saying. But...a tiny Stark! Huzzah! Better not let on at the Twins, though...Robb, you still have to look sad and apologetic. Lock that shit down.

Oh, and Theon's scene was awful. Just awful. No ambiguity there, eh, book readers? Are non-book-readers feeling sad for Theon at this point? Or still pissed at him for lacking the courage to stand up to his father / stay loyal to Robb / etc.? Has anyone guessed who the torturer is? I don't think it's super obvious at this point, though they have dropped hints.


In other news, Dany is badass. Duh. Yunkai doesn't stand a chance. Her dragons are getting big, though! They barely fit in that tent. (Sidenote: It was nice to see Dany out of her blue Qarth getup for once.)

Lastly, poor Arya...she thought she was getting away, and ended up right in the hands of the guy whose death she was cheering for pretty recently. Ruh-roh.


I have a tiny seed of a theory involving the fate of Arya, but don't want to be too spoilery. So I'll hold my tongue until episode 10 to see if I was right.

Who else watched? What were your favorite moments? What are your predictions for the future, non-book-readers?