I'm watching XXX (Triple X) and something just popped into my mind.

There's a character in this movie who is an intelligent, strong, uncompromising character. She has as much—if not more—depth than the primary character. She doesn't wear sexy outfits, she doesn't use sex (or even sexuality) as a primary (or even secondary) tool. She is central to the plot, she is an experienced intelligence officer who has sacrificed much for her country, she stands up in the face of adversity, and needs no one to save her.

She is the equal to any man in the movie, and far superior to all but the star (and Samuel L Jackson).

However... This movie would fail the Bedschel test. Because this character never has a conversation with another woman.

Bedschel insists that a woman can only be considered strong if she talks to other women. If 8 US Marines—7 men and one woman—went into a war zone and the strongest, most capable member of the team was the woman... it would fail the Bedschel test—because she never had a conversation with another woman.


How many other movies can you name which would fail the Bledschel test despite the fact that the women are strong and independent?