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The Best Superhero Musical Songs

Today is the day, the day that The Flash and Supergirl cross over and we get a delightful musical episode. But this isn’t the first superhero musical. So let’s take a look at some previous songs about superheroes and supervillains and see which ones were the best.


Batman: The Brave and the Bold was a great little cartoon that managed to include tons of various songs, not the least of which was it’s own musical episode, “Mayhem of the Music Meister!” And while Darren Criss may be playing the Meister in live action, it was Neil Patrick Harris who voiced him in the show and sang the best song of the episode, a lament by every villain that Batman has defeated: “Drives Us Bats.”

But, again, there were so many songs that B:TBATB did, not just in the musical episode. In the opening for “Night of the Batmen!” as Batman defeats a string of mobsters, Vigilante sings a delightful country song about the caped crusader called “Gray and Blue.”

However, the best song the show possibly ever did was one that it never actually aired in the United States. In “The Mask of Matches Malone!” Black Canary, Huntress, and Catwoman have to team up to rescue Batman from himself, but when they are caught out in the open, they sing a nice little song called “Birds of Prey.” The reason this episode was never aired in the States quickly becomes apparent, since, well, the song is quite obviously about comparing superheroes sexual prowess. And yet, it’s such a fun song! Fun fact: it was written by Gail Simone.

The other most famous superhero musical has to be Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, about an aspiring supervillain named Doctor Horrible (played again by NPH), his nemesis Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion), and the girl he has a crush on, Penny (Felicia Day). In my opinion, the best song of the entire musical comes right after Hammer tells Horrible that he’s dating Penny because Horrible likes her. This causes something to snap in Horrible, resulting in him finally deciding to, well, kill Hammer in the song “Brand New Day.”

The Return of Captain Invincible is not a good movie. The Australian superhero comedy musical was called by Terry Pratchett “a series of bad moments pasted together with great songs and a budget of fourpence.” And yet it still has Alan Arkin as Captain Invincible and Christopher Goddamn Lee as his nemesis Mr. Midnight. I mean, just look at the song for “Mr. Midnight,” where Arkin and Lee sing about how evil Midnight is — and Lee is apparently surrounded by a bunch of singing S&M mutants. It’s so delightfully strange and campy and also Christopher Lee is singing. Just...watch it and be amazed.

Phineas and Ferb always had the best songs for a kid’s show. Hell, they had some of the best songs for any show. That included Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel, where the titular brothers teamed up with now powerless Avengers to stop the evil...Legion of Doom? I guess? Who also teamed up with Doctor Doofensmirtz. Doofensmirtz, who really has no friends aside from a platypus who beats him up, loves having an entire team of bad guys, as evidenced by this delightful song he sings called “My Evil Buddies and Me.”

I mean, I love watching all those villains be so delightfully petty.

In any case, that’s all I could think of. Which ones do you guys like?

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