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The Black Hole: Best Dialog

You may think this is the best line of dialog from Disney’s 1979 film The Black Hole:

But you’d be wrong. This is the best line of dialog in the film:

That’s Hans Reinhardt’s ego going pro, and it’s perfect.

Dr. Alex Durant:

You will be remembered as one of the greatest space scientists of all time.

Dr. Hans Reinhardt:

I have never doubted that. It’s about TIME that people learn about their failures and my successes.


You can use that line for all sorts of things. To wit, a friend of mine is thinking of moving to Oregon: It’s about time that other states learn about their failures and Oregon’s successes.

Angling for a raise or promotion against someone else: It’s about time that other people learn about Kevin’s failures and my successes.

Prefer granola over oatmeal? It’s about time that oatmeal learns about its failures and granola’s successes.

Really, you can use this line for just about anything. In my house, I’ve used it regularly for about two days now, especially when cooking. Use it if your mixing drinks for friends, picking out a movie, choosing what to listen to on the stereo, ordering off a menu, playing rock-scissors-paper. It’s the all-purpose fumblebrag.


How would you use it?

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