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The Blacklist - General Ludd

I know there are other Blacklisters out there. What did you think of the episode and the bit of back story we got? Plus the biggest deception of all that you probably didn't even know about. Spoilers ahead.

  • Agent Ressler has lightened up a bit on Keen. They actually act like a team working together.
  • So the man who raised Keen isn't her biological father, though she knows she was adopted. I don't remember if it was mentioned in earlier episodes but since her husband knew presumably she told him. Red being her father would be too obvious, right?
  • And who was the woman Red was looking up on ViCAP?

  • I would have never guessed that Megan Boone was wearing a wig. But I agree that the shorter hair isn't really right for the character at this point.

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