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The Blacklist remembers why we watch

The Blacklist is back and last night's episode gave us what we really wanted – James Spader gleefully chewing all the scenery. Spoilers ahead.

Liz is busy tracking down a generic serial killer who wandered over from CSI or some other procedural. Her FBI boss okays the task since it might draw Red from hiding if he tries to help Liz.

Meanwhile Red is following the money trail behind the attack on the safehouse accompanied by an appropriate Johnny Cash song. At times he really comes across like a TV friendly version of a Quentin Tarantino character.


As far as the FBI's mole, Malick is cleared after some mild questioning so now there's absolutely zero chance that she really is the mole, right? Red, on the other hand, uses some more stressful means to satisfy himself that the Tech Guy isn't the mole.

Our old friend Fitch works in the Justice Department, high enough up to testify in Congress.


At the end, Red meets with Liz. He's cleaned his house but there's still a mole in FBI. So for now he'll just talk to Liz.

So what's Fitch's game? Who is the mole? And how much scenery will James Spader chew next week? These are the burning questions.

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