Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Welcome back to the Friday Open Thread, where we reminisce about when Sci-Fi was good and plentiful while getting depressed by just how long ago that was.

This week I’ve largely been doing two things. One, slowly losing my mind remembering that next week is Fresher’s meaning I’ll have to deal with drunk children for several weeks and, two, laughing and crying at the fact a TV bakery show moving channel has dominated headlines during a week that saw Grammar Schools and dodgy nuclear deals slip by largely unchecked by the masses.


Thankfully however the TV channel Dave was on hand to lift my spirits, having put out the premiere of Red Dwarf XI out a week early online. While I’ll put up a more comprehensive review next week (when the series starts properly) for now I’ll just say it was absolutely fantastic, filled with classic Dwarf humour of the four character digging at each other, stupid gags at other Sci-Fi shows such as a Voyager gag with all the main baddies being named as ‘6 of 37' or ‘2 of 63' and the like, and a main plot that focused on a version of Prohibition Era America where instead of booze it was science that was outlawed with speakeasies full of scientists selling illicit theories to those who attended. Those who can I highly recommend watching it.

Anyway over to you guys, any shows you can’t wait to come back on air (or just wish were still airing)? Also as usual comment about whatever you like as well below.

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