Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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The Brain Scoop Asks Us to Be the Dung Beetles of the World

The Brain Scoop is a fantastic YouTube science channel hosted by Emily Graslie. She started out as a volunteer at the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum, documenting the various things they had at the museum, before becoming the “Chief Curiosity Correspondent” at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.


Most of the Brain Scoop videos are incredibly educational and often kinda gross (including live dissections of various dead animals). But “A Commitment to Curiosity” is one of the few videos where Emily talks to the audience directly about being more curious and open minded, especially in the wake of the 2016 election.

This isn’t the first video of Emily’s in which she has asked something of the people watching — in November 2013, she uploaded “Where My Ladies At?” asking for better discourse and less sexism, especially over the internet. Not much has changed since then, however, in terms of internet harassment, although there has been more of an awareness of the issue.


“A Commitment to Curiosity” is broader in its scope, although its still asking people to participate in the discussion: the discussion on how to talk to people who haven’t encountered the same things we have, who don’t share the same experiences and therefore see the world in a different light.

The video ends with Emily giving an impassioned plea using a quite interesting metaphor:

“In times like these, I look to the dung beetle, a small and seeming inconsequential creature, but one who makes a living creating something useful out of someone else’s crap. Without these dung beetles, we’d live in a world quite literally drowning in fecal matter. Today, let’s be the dung beetles of the world and help, little by little, to clean up where we can and roll into the next day.”

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