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The Brain Scoop: The Scoop Strikes Back

I don't know if you're aware of Emily Graslie's amazing youtube natural history show but you should be. Based out of the tiny zoological museum at the University of Montana that she volunteers at while studying for her masters degree it's been gradually building an audience. She's been getting around 50 - 100,000 views per video but the one embedded below, in which she and the team skin a wolf that was donated after being hit by a car, has well over 200,000. (the image may make it look like it's a husky getting tickles; beware, it's not)

On a recent trip to Chicago's Field Museum to film some episodes she was unexpectedly offered a job to continue making the show but with the Field's 19.5 million specimen collection* instead of the 20,000 specimens she had access to in Montana. And they're actually going to be paying her, too.


She just posted the above image of her new office door, that's such an amazing job title to have. I can't wait to see the new videos she'll be making. The last few shot in the Field have been fascinating, the people who work there obviously love what they do.

More videos at the link. And even if you think this might not be your thing give it a try, Emily's enthusiasm for the subject is infectious - youtube.com/user/thebrainscoop/videos

*and that's just the animals, there's also plant and geological collections.

edit: here's the post where she first made the announcement of her move to Chicago if you're interested - thebrainscoop.tumblr.com/im-not-sure-that-excited-even-begins-to-cover-it

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