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The Cake is a Lie (socio-political musing)

So this is sort of not on-topic but I don't know where the hell else to post this.

I'm getting the feeling like if there isn't a significant change to how Corporate America (and other western countries) works, there's going to be a French Revolution style revolt one of these days. I mean that with absolutely no hyperbole. Shit will be lost throughout the first world.

Then I see an article where one of the richest men in the country makes a very similar point:


Then I see this Cracked article about how police forces have been loading up with some serious hardware.

On top of it, all the bullshit going on with net neutrality and a wildly out-of-control NSA; the fact that the cost to get a "proper" education – that would theoretically enable people to get better jobs – is skyrocketing, and so much more really fucked up shit... America, you are damaging my calm.


I mean, clickbaiting and sensationalism aside, I am getting a distinct dystopia-in-the-making vibe from this country. A more conspiracy-oriented person might even see, well, conspiracies amongst the 1% to set the police up for efficient quelling of the 99% revolters. If nothing else, that'd make for some chillingly realistic sci-fi stories.

Maybe we should crowdfund the purchase of a sovereign island nation. Just in case.

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