So, I asked you guys for help with my halloween costume a while back. I did promise pics when it was ready.


I have to say, putting the costume on felt pretty amazing. If I understood why cosplayers do what what they do, now I get it.

And apparently a couple of people couldn't even tell who it was under the wig and mask, so I guess it is a pretty effective disguise.


Pants a are store bought - some kind of cotton dipped in polymer? (I laughed when I noticed the brand name is Clocktower.) They look a lot better than most pleather pants, and I added the X-es as a detail. Wig is also store bought. My friend's mom made the top for me, and it's fairly accurate even if it's not an actual corset. The jacket is, appropriately, borrowed from my BFF - the closest thing I have to a sister. :)

I ended up making the mask out of 2 mm craft foam. It's flexible and pretty durable, and the paint and lacquer finish (what my mom already had in her tools, and why it's shiny and not very accurate) helped with that. And I molded it using my hairdryer without any problems. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any spirit gum so it's just tied - and because it wasn't perfectly moulded to my face it looks askew in some pics. So note for next time: get spirit gum.


Bo staff is made from part of a fishing pole (so it's light but strong, but doesn't extend) wrapped in mirror self-adhesive tape. Those were all thing that were lying around the house.

I want to thank you guys for all the help and suggestions, they were really useful.