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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an amazing show that won a Golden Globe. But soon, Emmy season will be upon us all and they want one of those, too! But how do you go about getting an Emmy?

One way is to give a For Your Consideration presentation to the Television Academy members (they vote on the Emmys, like the Film Academy votes on the Oscars). So Rachel Bloom and the cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend did a FYC presentation, which began with a live version of “The Sexy Getting Ready Song.” Done by Bloom and her co-stars Donna Lynne Champlin and Pete Gardner all in Spanx.


For those who haven’t seen it, the non-live version is here:

You have to admire the live version — they went all out, complete with fake ass-waxing and ass-blood. “They’re so sexy,” Rachel sings. “Give us an Emmy.”

“The Sexy Getting Ready Song” was one of the first songs on the show, but the latest episode (“Josh’s Sister is Getting Married!”) will feature a new song called “Heavy Boobs,” all about the difficulties of having heavy boobs:


I cannot wait.

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