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The Casting Couch

Time to play the casting game again. We were driving down to pick up WinnieTheWoot from school yesterday and to pass the time we had another round of The Casting Couch. The goal this time is to find a new cast for Leverage using existing characters from other TV shows. Here's what we came up with:

Hitter (I went old school, WtW went new school):

Hawk (my choice)


or Vasiliy Fet (WtW's choice).

Hacker (consensus choice):

Felicity Smoak


Grifter (consensus choice):

Neal Caffrey


Thief (we weren't completely sold on either choice we came up with and they would both need some training to get to Parker levels):

Early Zoe Carter (my choice)


or Kenzi (WtW's choice)


Mastermind (consensus choice):

Veronica Mars


What are your choices?

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