Did you know that in 1991, Marvel made a Power Pack pilot for NBC? I sure didn’t! In fact, at the time it was made, the comic had just been cancelled.

Power Pack was a comic created in 1984 by Louise Simonson and June Brigman about the four Power siblings: Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie. When a dying Kymellian alien grants each of them powers, they resolve to use those powers in defense of the Earth and to save their parents. Louise Simonson, who would later go on to write X-Factor and New Mutants, included a lot of adult themes in the book and because Simonson was both one of the editors of the X-books and married to Thor writer-artist Walter Simonson, there also tended to be a bit of crossover between X-Factor, Thor, and Power Pack (especially during the Mutant Massacre crossover, which I know is a weird crossover to include Power Pack in, but hey, they did fight off Sabretooth).

Later on, the Power Pack would get their another mini-series in 2000 and then a series of four-issue mini-series starting in 2005 that would see a younger version of them team up with various characters like the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. By that point, the original kids had been aged up (something their friend Franklin Richards was never allowed to) and Julie Power joined the Avengers Academy, came out as bisexual, and starting dating Karolina Dean of the Runaways, while Alex Power joined the Future Foundation. All four last showed up together in FF #15, called, appropriately, “The One Where Power Pack Shows Up.”


Watching the Cinema Snob’s review of the 1991 pilot, I can see some of the things they tried to do (like limit the children’s powers), but, uh, it’s really not good. They completely skip their origin and go for a spooky ghost...thing? as the bad guy. Who doesn’t actually do anything.

On the plus side, Katie Power could destroy the entire planet, so they got that right.