Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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So the way Clara's name is used—in Asylum of the Daleks she's Oswin Oswald, in the Snowmen Xmas special she's Clara Oswin Oswald and in Bells of St John she's Clara Oswald—I felt there had to be some wordplay in play.


I no longer believe that to be anagram-related.

For claraoswinoswald there are 93,751 possible anagrams. These include: A Sardonic Swallow, A Radical Owls Snow, A Carload Wins Owls, A Cranial Sold Wows, A Rascal Wild Swoon, A Alias Clown Words, A Ironclad Lass Wow, A Sardonic Laws Owl, A Cowards Law Loins, Radical Salon Wows, Scandal Sailor Wow, Calla Soar Windows, Carnal Wails Woods, Awards Local Winos, Lanai Scrawls Wood, Solaria Dawns Cowl, Acid Swallow Sonar, Sardonic Awol Slaw, Narcosis Wad Allow, Colossal Inward Aw, Acorn Disallow Saw...and it goes on, there's 93,000.


The only remotely Who-related one I could discover is: Coda Rani Swallows. And that's more like the denouement of a Who porn parody.

For the individual names, we have the opposite problem: too few useful possibilities.


For Clara:

Car La
Arc La

For Oswin:

I Snow
I Nows
I Sown
I Owns
In Sow
Sin Ow
Ins Ow
Win So
Is Own
Is Now
Is Won


For Oswald:

A Wolds
Ad Owls
Ad Lows
Ad Slow
Lad Sow
Lads Ow
Ads Low
Ads Owl
Sad Low
Sad Owl
Wads Lo
Wad Sol
Slaw Do
Awls Do
Laws Do
Law Dos
Law Sod
Awl Dos
Awl Sod
As Wold
Was Old
Saw Old
Aw Olds
Aw Sold


If someone can make sense of all this gibberish you're a better man/woman than I.

If you want to generate your own anagrams of Clara's name or anything else, here's where I did it: http://www.wordsmith.org/anagram/index.…

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