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The Cornish coast is getting all the headlines...

...but the storm factory in the North Atlantic that keeps on hurling out these tight, turbulent lows is slamming the shit out of southern Ireland as well.

It can be downright scary how fast the sea can turn on you. Here is a woman in Tramore, County Waterford walking her dog along the coast when a massive wave rears up and almost takes them both out to sea:

These storm systems aren't slowing down either. Another one is expected to hit Southwest England and Southern Ireland on Saturday. Here is a GIF I made just a few minutes ago from the awesome Earth Wind Map showing the swirling low on its way up to the coast.


This constant barrage of winds, waves, and rain is really causing some huge problems for people in these areas. Just yesterday, sections of the Dawlish rail line in Cornwall were completely washed away. I heard engineer on the BBC say it would take like 6 weeks to fix this...and that was a conservative estimate.

I've yet to see the definitive footage from these remarkable storms but this compilation of footage from Cornwall is pretty good. Check out the little, bewildered seal who got flung far his home on some massive wave:

I like this next one too. It is on Vimeo so it tries a bit too hard to be artsy fartsy. I could do without the Dan Auerbach song (I'd much prefer the roar of the waves) but it does give you an intimate idea of what it would be like experiencing the awesome power of the ocean as it slams ferociously up against those craggy rocks and sea walls.


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