Hi niners! Charlie’s post about her cover got me thinking if* I ever showed all of you the cover for the comic book I’m working on? It is called Dinosaga and is about a young dinosaur called Kroo, and the hardships on trying to fit in when everyone else is against you. It is for children (6-9 year olds) and will be published later this year by Rabén & Sjögren. The art is by Mirjam Löfgren and I’m writing the script. (...and doing some basic background flats... Because deadline... Very soon. aaahhhhh!) The comic will be around 60-64 pages.

It is in Swedish, but who knows... Maybe it will be picked up and translated if it sells well?

Oh, and did I mention there will be feathers? Here is some sketches, ink and stuff from one of the supporting characters. He is called Sibb and is a microraptor!


*my memory sucks