Almost every homicide case Nick and Hank end up on ends up with a wesen suspect, but every once in a while it's some other weird thing, and this is one of those episodes. Spoilers after the break.

The main story does involve wesen, but not directly and it wouldn't have made much of a difference if it was just regular humans. A woman and her son are visited by her abusive ex-husband (and the boy's step father) who gets drunk enough to ignore the restraining order and break into her house. She manages to drive off, but not both her and the son are beat up. He happens to be a wesen, and shows off his monster face to the boy to scare him, but really he could have just been a human piece of scum for this story.

After they're in the hospital (where the boy doesn't seem to have a bed but it looks like he's staying there too), the woman's brother is notfified and goes to visit, correctly assumes who hit her and is visibly upset. He then goes to temple, puts on his kippah, gets some clay out of a jar and prays. Soon after, a clay monster rises out of the ground and kills the abusive ex.

The next morning, Nick and Hank are called in to investigate a homicide where the body is covered in clay. The body was found because the hospital called the police to report the spousal abuse after the woman checked in. The abuser's idiot brother shows up, unintentionally trying to contaminate the crime scene and also jumping to the conclusion that the woman his brother was beating somehow killed him (and covered him in clay, apparently, this guy is really not detective material).

Nick and Hank, finally learning the more times than not, if they're investigating a crime, there's wesen involved. So they bring Trubel to the hospital to see if the victim woges, and she also bonds with the kid, who says his step dad would turn into a monster but no one believes him (until now, of course). But turns out both the woman and her son appear to be human.


And that's when her brother, who turns out to be a rabbi, tries to confess to the murder. Except his confession is that he called upon a Golem (a Jewish foklore creature) to protect them but it's doing it with killing and he can't stop it. But the best actual evidence they can get to tie him into it is that the clay he has matches the clay found at the crime scene. This leads to a scene at the trailer where Trubel learns that there's other creatures besides just the wesen, and Hank brings up the El Cucoy ghost from last season.


The gang manage to find the dead guy's brother, who decides to also try and beat up the poor woman and her son, and he ends up death by Golem as well. This time, Nick and Hank witness it, so now they believe the rabbi, who has read that he needs to put a note into its mouth to get it to stop.


But the only way it will show up is if someone threatens either the woman or her son. So Nick decides to try and threaten the boy, which at least he only does verbally (wasn't sure where they were going with this).


The plan works, and they all end up fighting the Golem, and in the end the boy starts attacking it to protect his uncle and new friend Theresa, giving them a chance to stick the note in its mouth. Not sure how the case was "solved" but everyone that should be alive still is, and the two that died were a-holes.

The other stories going on this episode:

Captain Renard is back at work, and Wu is now asking him about Therea Rubel: murder suspect. Someone really needs to bring him into the fold.


Renard's mom, Elizabeth, has figured out the potion. And all the circumstanced that had to be in place for Nick's powers to have been taken away to begin with, which kind of recaps what has happened: Nick used his blood to take her powers, she got pregnant, was able to get her powers back after going through some trials while pregnant. Before, when she tasted a crystilized sample of Adalind's potion, it made her look like Juliet. The new potion she cooked up makes her look like Adalind. And she reveals there's just one thing missing: Juliet.

My guess is that since sleeping with Adalind while she looked like Juliet is what took away his powers, sleeping with Juliet while she looks like Adalind will restore them. Which is a lot better than what Adalind had to go through to get her powers back.

ETA: as a side effect of Adalind's curse on Nick, they have switched sights before (seeing through each other's eyes), which means there's the potential for this to happen while Nick is sleeping with Juliet while she looks like Adalind, meaning Adalind will basically see someone having sex with her through their eyes, which would probably be pretty mind-warping. But that might be too much for network TV.


There's also some wesen bigotry around Munroe and Rosalee's mixed marriage, to show us that being an a-hole isn't just for humans.

Trubel fills Nick on on that FBI agent being a wesen and part of some group that wants a Grimm doing their dirty work for them.

And back in Europe, Adalind is on the run with mystery prisoner, and there's a bunch of faces in the wall trying to talk to her. He warns her not to listen so she does just that, and then they all start crying and fill the room with water/tears and now she's drowning.



I really hope Nick gets his powers back next week. They seem to be heading that way, based on the preview but I really don't want this dragging on the entire season. They might, however, make it drag on the first half of the season, with his powers restored right before the winter break, but at least that would be a little closure.

It was nice though, to have an episode where being a Grimm or not didn't really matter since the only wesen in the main story were killed before Trubel could see them woge, and everyone could see the Golem just fine.


Munroe has faced anger for helping a Grimm and didn't back down, so obviously he's not going to back down on his marriage, but just another reason to have 2 Grimms on his side.

It's time for Wu to join the team, that needs to happen before the winter break too.