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The Day All the Sci Fi & Fantasy Props Started Working For Real

One day all the science fiction and fantasy toys and props... really worked. There was none of this business of their being too complicated to actually use. Whatever force or entity or person that managed to wish it into being had worked it so that they simply worked as intended. Naturally, it wasn't long before the world changed distinctly in response.

Many of the Star Trek fans simply vanished. Their communicators suddenly worked. So they called and asked to be beamed up to whatever ships awaited them. And the tribbles they left behind were an endless food source for hungry millions. The Star Wars fans weren't so lucky. The hospitals filled instantly with people who'd lopped off one another's limbs with lightsabers, alongside blaster wounds by the thousands.


The Tolkien fans had it pretty bad too. All those wedding rings made to look like The One Ring were great invisibility rings at first, but corrupted their owners. At least the ones without the good sense to take them off. Green Lantern fans fared MUCH better on this score. And we won't even mention the ones that had converted their Rubik's Cubes into LeMarchand Puzzle Boxes... no one's been able to find them.

The Wizarding folk with all their wands seemed particularly well off. Though their exotic injuries and the effects of their curses were legion until they figured out the countercurses. The Whovians made out like bandits, except for the ones that had full sized Dalek costumes in their homes. The Dalek rampages and the Cyberman outbreaks however were short-lived. There were just too many well-armed resistors to extermination.

The world held its breath, wondering who would unleash the power of some doomsday weapon prop they'd made. Many Marvel fans suddenly had Cosmic Cubes from their deluxe DVD sets. There were now countless phials with humanity destroying viruses and plagues. Borg technology from the Trekkies was waiting around for its chance to assmilate us all. And the people who had full sized Xenomorph Alien props... Many were justifiably terrified.

But for as many things that could destroy us... there were now even more people that could save us... On this day.... how did you fare? How well were you prepared for the day all the toys, props and replicas became real? Or how just how badly were you screwed?

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