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The Death Star's Docking Bay 327 gets a remarkable Lego makeover

Impressive. Most impressive.

From Bricks To Bothans user jmfbtb has spent the last 3 months amassing 7,780 individual bricks of Lego to recreate the Millennium Falcon's escape from the Death Star in A New Hope, as a display base for his Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon.


The build cost roughly $780 to individually source all of the pieces - a fact which is almost as eye-watering as the final, gorgeous display - but it definitely looks worth the cash. What's even more incredible is that jmfbtb individually sourced all of the pieces - all 5,195 of them! - for the Millenium Falcon model too, as the UCS version was discontinued by Lego in 2009.

Check out some amazing pictures of the build process on jmfbtb's flickr, and if you're interested, pictures of his UCS Falcon build too!

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