Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The Deciders

They interpret the law in matters of online privacy. They ponder which video games are too violent. They haven't quite gotten the hang of email just yet. Will Kagan get a lot of flack for sharing this info?

Elena Kagan Admits Supreme Court Justices Haven't Quite Figured Out Email Yet.

For her part, the 53-year-old Kagan said she uses personal email, goes online, and reads blogs. But she suggested that isn’t true of all of her older colleagues. And newfangled services like Facebook and Twitter are “a challenge for us,” she added.


Kagan also mentioned the video games:

Kagan said the justices often turn to their clerks, who are much younger, to help them understand new technology.

But they also try to learn on their own. In one case involving violent video games the first year she was on the court, justices who had never played the games before dove in and gave them a try, Kagan said.

"It was kind of hilarious," she said — not divulging which games they played.

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