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The Defenders Spoiler Thread

I was going to put this up Friday so that way non bingers would have a chance to watch it on their own time, but upon reflection doing it now is fine, especially since we have five less hours then before. If you still haven’t completed it but want to talk about it anyway, go here. So yeah, spoilers beyond this point so beware!!!!

So I liked this show a lot the team interacted with each other perfectly and they all got ample time for character development. The short length turned out to be a plus because of how fast things moved once the team first got together.


Directionwise things were a mixed bag. On one hand I liked how the scenes were colored for each specific character they were focused on. On the other hand in pretty much every single fight scene we got multiple instances of stunt doubles faces showing up very clearly on camera.

Negative’s were that Finn Jones is still a shitty actor, though they did cover this up better than they did in Iron Fist. Also a negative, trying to sell us Daredevils death when they had announced more then a year ago that Daredevil season 3 was a thing.

Anyway that’s all from me, what about you???

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