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The "Demand Answers, Now Zombie Eat You" syndrome

This is a pet peeve of mine in real life and it might also be called either Teenage Heel Digging or the Solider Does/Civilian Demands as well. Either way, I'm looking for the actual term for this behavior.

Basically, when one person is asking for a moment of trust in something, like "Give me a minute, and I'll explain it" or like in a zombie movie, "Run!" And then the other person, instead of going with the flow or trusting Person A, they start demanding immediate answers.

In the zombie movie that's typified by Dude B standing there, refusing to budge and spouting "What? Wait? Why should I run? What's wrong? Tell me!" Or in the former example, a flurry of questions about why that one minute of solitaire time is needed.


Is there a name for this behavior, especially if it's habitual?

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