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The Doctor poses a question in the latest Doctor Who teaser

The BBC just aired a second teaser for Doctor Who's upcoming Eighth Series during its Wimbledon coverage, giving us another tiny, tiny glimpse of Peter Capaldi in action - and a transmission date!

The short teaser sees The Twelfth Doctor - still in his seemingly exploding TARDIS from the first teaser last month - pose Clara a perplexing question: Is he a good man? But Clara isn't so sure of that, or even who The Doctor is any more.


The BBC also revealed that the first episode of the series will be called Deep Breath, and will be 'feature length', as well as a new promotional picture of The Twelfth Doctor and Clara in a new, orange-lit version of the TARDIS control room:

It won't take all that long for us to find out the answer to Tweleve's question though though - Doctor Who returns on Saturday August 23rd, on BBC One and BBC America.

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