There seems to be a double standard when it comes to spoilers. When a film gets released in the US first its open country for discussion. but when a film is released internationally first, people are told to shut up until the US gets to see it.

That seems amazingly hypocritical to me. How is it fair for you to not allow people to discuss films just because you haven't seen it, especially since I seriously doubt you would do the same if it was reversed?

Admittedly, this doesn't happen much here, but on other forums and sites I went to, there were many people who would get furious about about films not getting released in the US first and would order and harass those who wished to discuss them.

A recent example was Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Over at TFW2005, there were a groups of three commenters who were outraged the film was released a week before internationally and harassed those who were talking about it for spoiling. This was despite the fact that TFW2005 uses the black bar system, aka when the text is covered by a black box unless you hover your cursor over it (why doesn't Kinja have that?) so the only way these three could be spoiled was if they were actively looking for spoilers.


As you may know, I don't like being spoiled before seeing a movie and have discussed how the UK has been screwed over with movie & TV releases. However that doesn't mean I'm against people discussing movies, just that you should warn people first and be polite.

As such, I've decided starting with Age of Ultron on the 22nd/24th of April I will create discussion threads for big releases that get released Internationally first so people can discuss the films without getting harassed or worry about ruining the films for US readers.


This will probably mean I myself will get spoiled as I wasn't planning on seeing it until the 28th. But hey, I was able to stay completely unspoilt of Frozen until I saw it a year later (even avoiding hearing Let It Go) so it just means I have to be more careful reading notifications.

Lastly, a question for the moderators. Am I allow to bump threads for each day the film gets released? For example, Ultron on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29th, 30th and finally the 1st of May?