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We're almost at the end of the Seventh Generation of Gaming, and it's definitely starting to feel like the AAA releases are slowing to a trickle. I really haven't put a lot of time into a video game since Bioshock Infinite in March, and my consoles have acquired a fine layer of dust in the past few months. So, with a new generation of hardware almost here, and just a handful of major releases due out before November, I have a few questions for gamers:

  • What games did you enjoy the most over the last 7-8 years?
  • What games from this era do you think didn't get enough love?
  • What titles left in this generation are you looking forward to? (Me, probably GTA V and Arkham Origins.)
  • What next-gen console are you thinking of buying?
  • Finally — what's your personal favorite era/console of all time?

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