(This may have been mentioned on the main site but I missed it. The information popped up on my dvr’s “To Do List” last night, so just posting this quick note in case the U.S. airing of the show slipped other’s notice.)

The A&E network will be airing the three part miniseries The Enfield Haunting starting tonight at 10PM EST.

From the synopsis of the first episode “The Awakening” - “A rookie paranormal investigator and a skeptical colleague probe alleged acts of supernatural phenomena at a north London home in 1971.”

Adapted from the book “This House is Haunted” by Guy Lyon Playfair (Matthew MacFayden’s character) it is based on the “true” story of the Enfield Poltergeist ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enfield_P…). The Sky Living miniseries stars Matthew MacFayden, Timothy Spall, and Juliet Stevenson.


Cannot seem to find a trailer I can embed for the series (though you can see one on the Sky site) so here is some footage from the seventies with the real haunted family.