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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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The Expanse 3x01 - "Fight or Flight" (Reaction/Discussion)

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After entirely too long, the best damn space show in TV is back. As always, please don’t bring up book spoilers without ample warning.


Quick recap of what’s happened recently:

  • Conflict between Earth and Mars wrecked the orbital mirrors of Ganymede.
  • Ganymede is undergoing a total system collapse, which will likely jeopardize the food supply of the entire Belt.
  • Errinwright betrays Avasarala and traps here on Jules-Pierre Mao’s pleasure yacht (fortunately, Bobbie was there to ruin the day of the mooks charged with killing them). Cotyar was injured in the firefight, and may or may not have survived.
  • Prax still hasn’t found his daughter, who is being used by Mao-Kwik/Protogen people as a possible test subject for their human-protomolecule hybrid project.
  • The protomolecule is up to some weird shit on Venus.
  • The Roci crew has evicted a most unwelcome guest from the cargo bay.
  • Holden seems to have mostly gotten over his quest to kill the white whale destroy the protomolecule and is trying to reconcile things with Naomi.
  • Naomi revealed that she gave the hidden protomolecule sample to Fred Johnson instead of destroying it.
  • Donkeyballs.

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