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The Expanse reaction thread ...

Frankly, I’m surprised that a reaction thread for this episode hasn’t happened here on the O-Deck yet. But I promised that I did my due diligence and didn’t find one.

So to generate early buzz, SyFy put up the pilot, Dulcinea, online. So far, what did ya think? Contrast/Compare changes from the books? There’s a feast this week, let’s dig in on the ... Spoilers!!


So for me, I like what I’m seeing. I’m not vibrating from excitement, but I am nodding my head in guarded approval.

I am digging the very hard, hard SF approach so far. I got my first hint that style going to be a new twist as I watched it with a buddy of mine in the hospital (he’s recovering from his Segmentectomy and it looks promising). He assumed the “flip and burn” was a hyperspace jump since it was done so dramatically. His eyebrows shot up when I told him, nope, that’s just a 90-degree turn.

That snagged his attention.

I think that for a lot of folk who haven’t read the books, they’ll see this a Total Recall/Aliens hybrid.


And if someone could help me, I don’t have my books anymore. Wasn’t Miller an Earther in the book?

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