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The Expanse: You can be your own Grandpa ... Episode 6

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Not really. But as usual, the Expanse’s little details and throw away bits are fascinating in their own right.


Or about what rights people have in world that must be a dystopian nightmare for both political parties in America, but some how the world keeps going on, funny that.*

*One Spoilers Alert for you and two for me*

So evidently Holden is an genengineered kid who shares the DNA of eight people. Usually you only get that sort of breakdown when you talk about Great-Great Grandparents.


For some cultures, where the concepts of family legacy and heritage are held dear would such a person almost antithetical to their outlook?

As for most Americans, though, there isn’t much of a through line that goes back to 150 years. But on the idea that certain personality traits and expectations could be reinforced over the generations. (Stubborn people who like to hang out with stubborn people — or that book readers who pass on their love of books both with an aptitude of reading along with a family tradition of collecting said books.), such a person would be a stranger? Adopted?


Add to poor Holden’s mess that he was born for the convenience of a business and political concern and it gets more interesting.

There’s no clue yet if such a endeavor is expense or cheap or how common it’s done. So that dampens the speculation a bit. Though where I come from, a farmer’s co-op has nothing to do with marriage - yet.


The only thing we know for sure is that Baltimore is still a tough town. Thanks, Amos.

Random Observations:

  1. Finally! she curses!
  2. It seems that the neck tats on younger belters are stylized riffs the neck burns the old Belters got from their cheap atmo suits
  3. Chrisjen Avasarala: I now have two older women that floor me with their confidence and beauty. You can probably guess who the first is.

*Sort of how like how the “blog” style of writing would have been a nightmare for 20th Century journalist. Now a days you gotta bury the lead if you want more clicks and avoid more spoiler haters.

UPDATE: Edited the title to fit with the Recap Zone Mission statement because I like to play nice.

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