This week’s episode of Face Off brings the tenth season to a close with each finalist doing the make-up for two characters in a short movie. It’s the conclusion of what started last week so I’ll jump right to it assuming you’re up to speed. Results (like who is the Season 10 winner) ahead.

When the finalists get to the lab they are greeted by their loved ones. The reunion has been by video chat in previous seasons so this is a nice change. The family members will also be there for the final stage portion.

The finalists get some more time in the lab with their teams to fix and fine tune their creations based on the director feedback. Then it’s off to the set for the movie shoots. All three finalists are pleased by their final products.

McKenzie gets to sit down for this one.


The regular judges are joined on the final reveal stage by Jason Blum, who helped introduce the challenge. The short movies are about three minutes long and are a lot like the short movies io9 used to feature. I’ve seen full length Syfy movies with not much more plot and the acting here is at least as good. I’ll go through each finalist in the order they presented on the final stage.


First up is Team Melissa and their film Hellhole: Repossession.. Her team reworks the designs and her director is pleased.


Walter’s possessed character looks better in the film. Also compare the finished look to the initial look (the top image in my recap from last week).

Team Walter is next with Hellhole: Dark Harvest. He has the least amount of changes to make and can focus on adding to his designs.


Rob’s possessed character also looks better in the film. See the top image of this post.

Finally there is Team Rob with Hellhole: Dead Earth. Rob and his team has the most work to do to create their director’s vision.

Rob is named the winner. I was honestly surprised. Let me know in the comments what you think of the choice.


McKenzie Westmore chose to go with a Star Trek villain look this week

For those of you who don’t visit Jezebel here’s an interview with Ve Neill. It’s worth the read.


Face Off returns in 2017. I’m taking that as a sign that Syfy has enough scripted shows in the pipeline that they don’t need to squeeze a fall season out of Face Off.

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap, the Syfy website and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.