This week’s episode of Face Off is the first part of the season finale so there’s no winner yet but plenty still happens. As the promos have hinted all season former Face Off judge Patrick Tatopoulos has returned to play an integral part of the final challenge.

We start at the Face Off house where the three finalists get their emotional video calls with home. Evan talks to his father and girlfriend, Nora to her girlfriend and Ben to his dog. (Hey, I don’t even have a dog so I’m not judging though I’m sure your judgmental cats are.)

At the lab Patrick Tatopoulos joins McKenzie Westmore* to introduce the finale challenge. The finalists will each design two characters for a short movie scene. Patrick will be directing the movies and has made storyboards for each. The finalists will get a test shoot to see how their designs look on camera and receive feedback from Patrick before the final shoot.

Evan’s team includes Kevon and Stevie. While each of them can do good work they are also all inconsistent. All three will need to bring their A game to win. Evan’s short movie will be Quarantine Zone, set in a virus infested environment.


Ben has the A-Team since he picked up Scott and Jordan, the two semifinalists. In theory this should be the strongest team. Ben’s movie will be Resurrection, set on an alien world.

Nora has girl power with Jasmine and Meg. Nora and Jasmine have made a good team before and their skills complement each other. Meg is the wildcard but she has Nora and Jasmine for guidance. Nora’s movie will be The Prey, a forest fantasy setting.

Michael Westmore is also on hand for the camera tests to give his feedback. There is a clear difference between how the characters look in the last looks room and on camera.


Patrick likes Team Nora’s work and only has a few suggestions for the Hunter and Hunted characters.


Team Ben didn’t start painting until Last Looks but still did a decent job on the Priest and Creature.

Patrick has a lot of advice for Team Evan’s Wanderer and Captive. It’s a good thing he has a chance to work on them before the final shoot.


But wait, there’s a new twist. The scripts have changed and the finalists need to create a third character for each film. So all three teams have plenty of work to do before the final shoot.

You can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here.


*Not really relevant but McKenzie and Patrick are more than just work colleagues.