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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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The Family Crest's "Beneath the Brine" Is Gorgeous Music

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So a local band I've linked here before just released the title song of their next album. The band is an interesting animal. The Family Crest is composed of 7 core musicians and then has their "extended family". Essentially if you can play an instrument, you can be a member of the extended family. Which means over 400 people contributed to this album, making is a massive piece of music.


And "Beneath the Brine" sounds freaking gorgeous because of it. You can listen to the song here on indie shuffle where it just premiered.

You can also listen to the other new tracks "The World" and "Make Me A Boat" via the Youtubes. Their album drops later in Feburary.

Also if they sound familiar, they recently were used for this.

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