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The final trailer for Persona 3: The Movie Burns all the Dread

Teenage drama, Pharos being the creepiest kid to have ever creeped, fighting the physical manifestations of humanity's darkest desires, and excellent music: Yup, this sure is an Animé adaptation of Persona 3 all right.

Persona 3 The Movie #1: Spring of Birth hits Japanese cinemas this Saturday, just in time for the end of Atlus' several-month-long Persona Announcement Countdown the day after - and as an adaptation of the earlier parts of the game (seemingly up to the arrival of Fuuka as a member of SEES), it looks pretty great. The manic, slightly twisted vibe of Tartarus and Persona use in general seems to have remained intact, as does the game's excellently creepy colour palette. Did I mention how good the music was? 'Cos it's real good.


Also, even though it didn't happen in the game, this is pretty great:

Did... did Makoto just drive Mitsuru's bike into Tartarus, whilst summoning a Persona? Makoto Yuki: Most badass protagonist in Persona. Sorry Yu.


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