Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled The First 224 issues of Starlog, available for download!

The Internet Archive never ceases to amaze me. Here's the first 224 issues of the legendary sci-fi magazine Starlog. The issues are available for download as PDF's and other formats.


Starlog was a monthly science-fiction film magazine published by Starlog Group Inc. The magazine was created by publishers Kerry O'Quinn and Norman Jacobs. O'Quinn was the magazine's editor while Jacobs ran the business side of things, dealing with typesetters, engravers and printers. Starlog was one of the first publications to report on the development of the first 'Star Wars' movie, and it also followed the development of what was to eventually become 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture.' The magazine was devoted to science fiction films, television series, and books. Many fans of this long-running magazine considered its heyday to have been the 1980s with very little substance to the content in later years and many of its long-time contributors having since moved on.

Shamelessly stolen from Cinephillia and Beyond.

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