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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Legend of Kawesomeness

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The first episode of Legend of Korra's final season is out, and it is AMAZING.
(WARNING: Spoilers ahead).

The guesses that people were floating around about civil war appear to be on the right track. It appears the Metal Clan (or at least an offshoot of the Metal Clan) has decided to create a new Earth Kingdom, and Kuvira's chilling efficiency has me excited for the kind of villain she's going to be . Of course I could be completely off base and she could be working on behalf of the Crown, but the fact that she keeps saying "My army" and that her emblem is different from the official one for the Earth Kingdom makes that very unlikely. Also we've been set up for excellent character conflicts this season: Bolin (and Varrick, though Varrick is less surprising) is with the "bad" guys. Looking forward to seeing how that turns out when he and Mako finally meet up. His girlfriend already disapproves. A fight between well-intentioned brothers who disagree would be something for the ages.


And Korra is a drifter! I cannot express in words how happy that makes me. Looking forward to next week.

P.S. I'm really digging the fact that Mako and Bolin finally decided to comb their hair. Mako looked so responsible I didn't recognise him.

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