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The first five year mission is over at last.

With the last outing of Star Trek Continues, one of the most known and most ambitious fan projects to continue the legacy of Star Trek TOS, an era of Trek fandom comes to an end. STC was the last survivor of the Axanar massacre that effectively killed off all fan projects of the franchise that reached a certain level of professionalism and staying power (beginning with the fact that CBS/Paramount no longer tolerates full length features). Given these circumstances, we may be glad that STC found a way to decently finish their project, ending in a two part episode that does indeed deliver closure in many ways.

“To boldly go” closes the circle by continuing the story that begun in Season1, Ep.01 and segues neatly into Star Trek TMP, delivering better Star Trek than most of ST Disco does. (Even though there’s a small reference even to this newest addition to canon if you look closely.) I recommend watching the two parter - you can do that without having seen the rest of the series (though you should have seen TOS’s Where no man has gone before.)

But if you haven’t seen STC yet, I of course recommend you find the time to watch the whole thing here, eventually. :)


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