Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The Divergence FCBD special from last Saturday was our first official look into the relaunched DC Universe. Sure, there were a bunch of leaked pages, and rumors and so on before that, but officially we have a look at more than just Superman, Batman, and Justice League.

DC released 11 completely new 8 page stories for the new creative teams and series coming out of Convergence. These aren’t previews, or teasers, they are original stories that won’t be reprinted until the trade comes out for these new runs. They can be read on Comixology, DCComics.com or the DC Comics app.

The first eleven series featured are:

Detective Comics


Green Arrow

Green Lantern



Red Hood/Arsenal

Section Eight


Omega Men

EDIT: I just realized I was counting the Divergence FCBD special as one of the free previews. Which it is, but it’s not one of the 8-pagers. So that’s TEN eight page stories, and the Divergence special itself.


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