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The First Look at Live Action Doom Patrol is Kind of Amazing

Illustration: Sanford Greene (Doom Patrol #1 Young Animal)

The Doom Patrol has had many incarnations throughout the years, but the new live action streaming show is going for a mixture of the original team (Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman, and the Chief), with an addition from Grant Morrison’s run (Crazy Jane). And now that we have a first image of what they look like, what’s just so surprising is...well, how like themselves they look.

Here is the first look at all of the team members (minus the Chief):


Now let’s take a look at those individual images, with a comparison with the comics:

First up, Larry Trainor / Negative Man, who in Titans will be played by Dwaine Murphy (no word if it’s the same actor in Doom Patrol). It looks like the showrunners are going for something similar to the current Negative Man look from Gerard Way’s run: fur-lined jacket and sunglasses. If you notice, even the tips of his gloves are wrapped in bandages, which is nice.


Next we have Rita Farr / Elasti-Woman, played by April Bowlby in both Titans and Doom Patrol. The sole image we have looks like she doesn’t have her uniform yet and probably came from a fancy party, which we should expect since she was an actress in the comics.


Next we have Clifford Steele / Robotman, played by Titans by Jake Michaels and played in Doom Patrol by Riley Shanahan and voiced by Brendan Frasier. From what little we can see, Cliff will pretty much be the same as he’s always been ever since Morrison’s run: an orange robot body with a leather jacket and large metal shoulder pads. Which interesting is that it looks completely practical — no CGI that I can see. Perhaps they’ll do some CGI on the face to make his facial movements better, but so far, he looks pretty damn good.


And finally, we have Kay Challis / Crazy Jane, played in Doom Patrol by Diane Guerrero. This one just looks...goddamn fantastic. I know there were going to be changes, considering Guerrero’s casting (no more alabaster skin tone and red circles on the cheeks would look terrible), but the way she looks now is...pretty much perfect, dammit.

As for how they act and how well the show is written and directed? Well, time will tell. Titans comes out on the DC Universe streaming app on October 12, 2018, and Doom Patrol will come out...well, probably in 2019. I can’t wait.


EDIT: It also looks like they might be using a bus (possible the Brotherhood of Dada’s Magic Bus) as a method of transport.

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