So I thought that some of our discussions, or parts of our discussions, should be shared with everyone. Not that they weren't shared with everyone to begin with, but a few should get a second look.

So earlier I had asked if there was too much science fiction in Thor 2 for just regular people to follow what is going on. MasterChef introduced me to a word I was not familiar with, "hand-wavium." So I thought maybe he had made up the word himself, or maybe he just made up the term right then just for me, but it turns out the hand-wavium or handwavium already existed as a word before, and I just don't remember seeing it.

To demonstrate handwavium, I have this clip of South Park (though the word "handwavium" does not appear in the clip, and probably does not appear in the rest of the episode either).

And, here's longer clip of the underpants gnome episode, which someone altered a bit.

So after MasterChef explains about the use of hand-wavium, DrillPress explained it a bit differently. Apparently, handwavium is an element, a material that you can make physical things with.


So I guess it's like unobtainium from Avatar?

Also last week several of you gave me suggestions on what to do after I made about two gallons of soup I didn't like. Following a helpful discussion with Balmut, I invented a new dessert. It's not the greatest dessert, but at least I haven't thrown it out yet. I mixed some of the soup in with an old cake mix and a lot of spices. It rather looks like a brownie and sort of tastes like a pumpkin pie, but it doesn't have a crust and it's less squishy.