Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

If you are at all interested in watching Legends of Tomorrow when it premiers, you have to check out Flash season 2, episode 3. The best part of this episode was Captain Cold. Spoilers ahoy!

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The Wormhole in Star Labs

We start off this episode with Barry doing chemistry type stuff when he gets a distressed call from Iris. Apparently she was researching a story on a real estate scam and got into some trouble in the form of hired goons shooting at her. Barry tells her to jump out the window followed by the inevitable “do you trust me?” line.


The Flash of course catches her, leaving me to wonder how she didn’t get whiplash or some type of damage from that. Even Spidey knows you can’t just jerk someone upwards when they’re falling without hurting them.

Anyways, next we see the team examining the largest of the 52 wormholes that is conveniently located in the basement of Star Labs. They of course want to figure out how to use it for transport between Earth-1 and Earth-2. (Have to say I’m okay with their naming scheme here.)


Barry tries and fails to enter the wormhole with his speed. They realize that this wormhole and the wormhole in Earth-2 need to be aligned, both those act as doors and the wormhole itself is a hallway. Jay Garrick postulates that he could made a device that establishes a connection.


More than one type of Cold

Next we jump to Joe having a drink when his ex-wife shows up. Joe tries to pay her to leave, but she’s determined to see her daughter, saying how she needs her mother following her loss of Eddie. Thinking to soften him up Francine points out Joe still wears his wedding ring. He states divorcees take them off, widowers don’t.


Jump to Jitters and we see a cute moment between Patty and Barry where he mistakenly thinks she called him the Flash, but she was referring to the name of the coffee which was named in his honor. We see Caitlin being a bit protective for Stein following his decline in health. (That’s going to lead somewhere.)

Then they’re joined by Lisa Snart. Cisco threatens her with calling the Flash. She tells him too, as she needs their help. Lenny Snart (AKA Captain Cold) was apparently kidnapped by someone, and she couldn’t stop it because she was knocked out herself. She said the Flashed owed him a favor (which he kinda-sorta-not-really does, as Cap’t Cold saved him from bad guys he himself released.)


Anyways, Cisco was able to track down Cold using a method of locating his gun. It was just used, and Flash is off to find him. He finds Captain Cold, not kidnapped, and in the middle of a robbery. Cold tells him he’s fine and doesn’t need saving before freezing him. Then we get to meet Louis Snart, father of Lenny and Lisa.

After using Cisco’s latest upgrade to the Flash suit to defrost Barry returns to tell Lisa about Cold’s new partnership with his father. She gets really emotional (for her) saying Lenny would never work with their father willingly, and reveals a scar along her collarbone from when her father abused her.


She leaves, and Cisco follows and we get a good moment between the two that hints a lot as a possible connection. She confines in him about her father’s abuse in which she learned bottles hurt worse than fists. Cisco doesn’t say a lot, just that he’s sorry. She continues on about how her brother was the one who practically raised her, protected her, and that if he’s working with her father he’s in serious trouble.

Then we jump back to Joe, walking into the paper to talk with Iris. Before he does however he’s interrupted when someone (I’m assuming an editor?) tells Iris her story about the real estate scam she risked her life for is going to hit the front page. Joe chickens out of telling her.


Bonding between frenemies

Barry tries to talk with Snart, trying to figure out what’s going on, believing Lisa’s insistence that Lenny wouldn’t be working with their father unless under duress.


Barry: “Let me help you.”

Snart: “Don’t wast your time saving people who don’t want to be saved.”

Then they have a quick chat about moral codes, touching on their agreement that Flash leaves Cold alone and Cold makes sure no one dies. Barry says he think that Cold’s dad doesn’t have his reservations about killing.


Then instead of just telling Iris, Joe confines the situation with Francine to Barry. About how she left and Joe’s been lying this whole time to protect Iris. Barry tells him to just tell her, “she isn’t a little girl anymore, she can handle it.” He’s of course worried about her reaction since he lied to her for so long. Barry tells him she’d understand if he gave her a chance.

Let’s meet Snart Senior

Now we get to see a bit about what the bad guys are up to. Cold and his dad (why hasn’t Cisco named him yet?) and their partner are going over the plan when Cold’s dad kills the partner for insulting his son. The guy complains of intense head pain before his head literally explodes. There’s clearly tension between Cold and his dad here.


We see Patty at the scene of the partner’s murder where they’re still recovering pieces of his had. Apparently his name was David Rotenberg. They quickly realize he was working with the Snarts. Patty has an almost cute geek moment where’s she’s excited it’s linked to Captain Cold. (Joe: Don’t call him that.)

Joe and Barry quickly work out that Snart Senior put an explosive in the guys head, and maybe he’s using the same trick to control Snart. Only if it was in Snarts head he’d just pull it out, and they realize he’s threatening Lisa.


Next we see Caitlin and Jay bonding over science and he asks for her help working on his Speed Cannon. Cisco pulls her away though, because they found the bomb in Lisa’s brain.

We then break up all this action and tension for the father-daughter moment between Joe and Iris. Joe tells Iris about a call he went on when he was a beat cop, a little girl said her mother had taken to much drugs and passed out. That little girl was Iris, whose mom OD’d and Joe found her in front of the oven with an open flame. Then when he got her into rehab she took off. Iris totally understands her father’s lying to her, especially when she sees how much he’s hurting though all this.


Barry goes undercover


Back to the action: the bomb in Lisa’s brain will react with air, so the team has to find a way of rapidly extracting it. Barry wants to buy time so he decides to go undercover. He finds Cold rather easily and tells him they know about Lisa’s condition and he wants to help. He introduces himself to Snart senior as Sam, a tech guy who is going to help them do the break in. Snart gives a pretty creepy smile through all this, and lets Barry onto the team. This should be fun.

They get into the building as fake janitors, but the badges don’t work. Snart senior of course goes right to wanting to kill them, Barry just talks their way out. When they run into guards after getting off the elevator, Snart senior again wants to kill, but the Flash just zooms them all away when their backs are turned.


Then they get to the point where they need “Sam” to unlock the combo on the door. Barry tells them to keep watch so they can’t see him using his speed to type in a ton of combos in rapid succession because apparently this high tech door lacks the “number of failed password attempts” feature so common in pretty much every other technological device.

Then once his job is done, Snart Senior shoots Sam, to literally no one’s surprise. Snart says “sorry Barry” and looks like he actually meant it.


Back at the lab Lisa and Cisco are pretty close and Cisco found a way to take the bomb out, but there is of course a risk as the device uses compressed air. Lisa says she trusts him. Cisco manages to get the devise out.

Saying goodbyes

Then the Flash shows up to stop Cold and his dad, but all he needed to do was tell Cold the minute Lisa was safe, at which point Cold shoots his own father.

Louis Snart: “You’re working with the Flash? I thought you hated him.”

Lenard Snart: “Not as much as I hate you.”

Cold says he broke his sister’s heart, so it was only fair he destroyed his. (Is Cisco still listening in on this?)


Anyways, Flash takes the cold gun and Snart ends up at Iron Heights, where Barry visits him. They talk about their fathers before moving on to why Barry is really there.

Barry: Today just proved what I’ve always known. There’s good in you Snart. You don’t have to admit it to me, but there’s a part of you that knows you don’t have to let your past define you. A part of you wants to be more than just a criminal.”

Snart: “So I should be a hero, like you Barry? What exactly does that pay again?”

Barry: “It’s just a matter of time. Something you’ll have a lot of in here.”

Snart: “Not as much as you think. Be seeing you.”

Because if there’s one thing we know it’s that Wentworth Miller can’t escape prison. Joe asks if Barry meant what he said. Barry said yes, but they should move him to the Metahuman wing just in case.


Then we see Lisa saying goodbye to Cisco. She says she trusts Cisco, that he was there for her when she was weak, and she hates feeling weak. Cisco is no longer a fool and asks if any of that was true. Then they kiss and a million fangirl heads explode.

“’Till Next time” “Later Golden Glider.”

Back at the lab Jay finally completed his project and is showing them how it works. We get another “Excelsior” from Stein as he tosses something into the wormhole, which they assume made it to Earth-2 since it didn’t immediately bounce back. Very scientific.


It’s pointed out that Jay could go home now, and he says he should since he still doesn’t know how he lost his powers. The team convinces him to stay though, and even he looks relieved for having a reason to.

Then Stein explodes like Firestorm, this time with blue flames. He then collapses.


Later, after the team left, we see the wormhole in star labs and that they left the speed cannon turned on. Hawkeye moment “It’s a door, doors open from both sides.” Then we see Earth-2’s Harrison Wells step though.

Assorted Musing:

  • Okay, even I can get behind the Lisa/Cisco ship at this point. I hope we see more of her, though it doesn’t sound like she’s going to be in Legends much.
  • I’m also not going to mention that Lisa Snart is still a wanted criminal, and they’re just letting her off with nothing.
  • Speaking of ships, Patty and Barry chemistry is pretty on point this episode.
  • I love all the development with Cold this episode, it’s definitely setting him up for Legends really well.
  • I have no idea if Earth-2 Wells is also Earth-2 Zoom, or if he’s a bad guy at all. I like not knowing.
  • There are so many pseudoscience moments in this episode, I skipped over a bunch because they’re fine if you don’t really think about it.

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