I don’t know how to preview without spoilers, because this episode was great for a lot of reasons. We have a lot to talk about in the mid-season finale of The Flash! Spoilers! Lots of Spoilers!

“It’s official, Santa hates us.”

Joe and Iris are talking about Christmas, which everyone is apparently invited to. When Joe says he wasn’t sure what to get Barry, Iris suggests a watch, like his father gave him. Joe says he was always late, that’s why his dad gave him the watch, as a not-so-subtle message. Which sounds very much like Barry as well.

Joe said he would only give his son fun presents, and Iris is clearly thinking about the other son Joe has. She doesn’t tell him though. Instead she turns to Barry for advice and tells him everything. Barry suggests honesty, and is prepared to tell Joe with her.

Caitlin and Jay are working on a way to seal the rifts between the worlds, so that way Zoom won’t be able to send meta-humans from Earth-2 to their world. Theoretically, they have some good theories, but nothing concrete.

Everyone is commenting on the snow, thinking it’s a Christmas miracle. It’s not, of course. Weather Wizard breaks Captain Cold out of prison using his ice powers, and then they both release the Trickster. This case is of course personally for one, Patty Spivot. Patty says she doesn’t have time to bring Barry up to speed, because he doesn’t really know what is going on. That part was gold.


The evil trio starts plotting the downfall of Flash, with Martin saying now is the time since he knows Flash is weaker now that Zoom beat him. Weather Wizard wants revenge on Flash, the Trickster wants choas, for them it’s a win-win. Captain Cold likes his current relationship with Flash, however.

“Every earth has a Godfather.”

Cisco and Barry do a cute back in forth of a conversation we first saw the last time Weather Wizard was on the scene. Cisco knows how to track Weather Wizard by tracking his powers, and he knows that if they take all the electricity from his immediate area it will zap his powers and make him vulnerable.

You got to do it again, for the first time.

Barry and Iris sit down to have that talk with Joe and break the news to him slowly. Joe says that Wallace was the name they would have given to Iris if she was a boy. Joe doesn’t want comforting, he wants a distraction so he walks away.


Waiting for Barry and Iris at home is none other than Leonard Snart. Not sure how long he was waiting for, but long enough to make himself a nice cup of cocoa sans mini-marshmallows.

After a quick standoff they get to talking. Snart tells Barry about the plan to kill him, but refuses to give him details or help him. Barry tries to appeal to his honor, saying that’s what drove Snart to warn him, but Snart isn’t buying into it. He just said he’s not vested in the outcome like Weather Wizard and the Trickster are, but he isn’t interested in being a hero (YET).


Joe tells Barry a story about how he knew when Iris needed him, and wants to know why he didn’t have the same feeling for his son. He feels guilty for not looking for Francine when she left, if he had things might have turned out differently. Barry comforts him in the way that only a son could comfort a father.

“A time to disembowel our enemies”

Trickster airs his message over the TV, letting everyone know he’s back. The team starts analyzing the video, and ‘zoom in’ to the cornea of his eyes until they see the reflection of an old toy that Wells recognizes. The toy is out of circuit and leads them to an abandoned toy factory.


Spivot beats Flash to the scene. She saw the doll as well, one that her father have given to her, and it lead her to the same conclusion. It was a trap though, and Flash thinks fast and gets them both out of there before the place explodes.

Patty: “I’m seeing someone.”

Flash: “I am too.”

Flash tells Patty she was being reckless, and she spills the truth to Flash, because like he points out, sometimes it’s easier to say it to someone with no face. She feels guilty because she flaked on her father when she was younger and that’s why he came face-to-face with the Trickster and died, and that she feels responsible for his death. Getting justice for her father’s death is why she became a police officer in the first place.


Back at the lab, the wand to take on Weather Wizard is ready. Just in time too, since the Trickster is giving out presents to kids dressed as Santa at the Mall. He tells them not to open them until tomorrow though.

“Time for a real war on Christmas.”

Barry is off to the tree lightening ceremony in town square where the Weather Wizard is setting off all sorts of signals Cisco was able to spot. When Flash corners him on a rood, Weather Wizards jumps off the building, and flies away. A power we hadn’t yet seen him have. Barry runs after him in a great chase scene.



He attempts to use the wand on him. Trickster gives Barry a present, and tells him that there are a hundred presents just like that one in homes of children all across the city. Weather Wizard says either Flash lets them kill him, or they detonate all those bombs. Flash, of course, submits.

Back at the labs the team knows Barry wouldn’t risk the lives of children, so they start working on a way to get rid of the presents so that Flash can fight back. They track down one of the bombs and prepare to send it through one of the breaches. After which it will attract all the other bombs into the breach as well through magnetic something or other.



MAGNETS, how do they work?

Seriously though, the second Cisco tells Flash the bombs are gone he’s able to take down both the baddies. Patty arrives. She uses the meta weapon known as the Boot on Flash to prevent him from interfering, then pulls a standard gun out and points it at Weather Wizard, ready for vengeance, not justice.


Flash tries to stop her, saying that her life would be over as well, because she will go to prison. He tells her it’s not worth it, not over Martin. He said she would lose everything in her life would be gone, and her father wouldn’t want that. She relents and arrests them both.

“Are we expecting anyone else?”

Joe says he finally is ready to forgive Francine, and his attitude about having a son is much better. Joe does give his watch to Barry, because he always said that one day he would give it to his son. Barry takes Joe’s words and attaches it to his own feelings he’s holding close. Hatred for what the original Wells did, and his message about how he would never be happy.


Barry says that Wells is also welcome over for Christmas, since he shouldn’t be alone. He declines, because he can’t celebrate without his daughter. Everyone else is at the Wells house though. Patty shows up and tells Barry that she’s finally ready to open up to him about what she was going through this past week.

Then Wally knocks on the door. Everyone is shocked, but Joe invites him in.


Zoom meets with Wells at the portal underneath Star Labs. Zoom says that he is only giving Wells one more day, and threatens his daughter before disappearing. He meets with him again, and Wells said he knows what Zoom is really after. He wants Flash to get faster, and more powerful. Zoom says the more power Flash gets, the more he can take. Wells demands to see Jessie before he helps him any further, and Zoom allows it. Wells said he’s willing to help.

Assorted Musings



Did anyone else mentally replace ‘the Trickster’ with ‘the Joker’ while watching Hamill? I saw B:TAS Joker that the whole episode. Also, I really, really wanted to hear Hamill sing the ‘Batman Smells’ carol.

I love Jay messing with Caitlin about the the differences between the two Earths. “What’s Christmas?”


I love Snart’s scenes with Barry. Seriously, those two have more chemistry than Barry and Iris. I was hoping he’d show up at the end to help him anyways.

I didn’t have a Cisco line of the night this time. Other than making fun of Caitlin and Jay flirting he wasn’t as amusing as he normally is.

Can they please bring Patty in on the secret already? I kept waiting for it this episode. Either for her to recognize him, or him to say something that makes her realize that he is Flash.


We finally got to see Wally! My money is on Zoom attempting to steal Barry’s speed and failing which somehow leads to connecting Wally to the speed force.

They sorta named dropped the Toyman - Okamura Toys. Just an interesting Easter egg I suppose.

January 19 is way too freaking far away.

What did you all think of the winter finale?