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The Flash 2.11: The Reverse-Flash Returns

Anyone want to discuss last night’s episode of The Flash? I’m going to have to make this shorter than I normally would a recap, so here are the bullet points of what happened.

Spoilers below! (Hope you don’t mind if I got this started Aderyn)


Eobard Thawne is back, but not really. It’s the Reverse-Flash from a point in his timeline before he went back into Barry’s past to kill his mom. So yes, he still exists until he visited the time when he took over as Wells and got erased from existence when Eddit shot himself. Time travel, everyone! He doesn’t even know who The Flash really is, having just now figured out what time period he’s from.

First, Harry helps Cisco discover that fear helps activate his Vibes, in a hilarious moment.

After getting some control of his Vibe powers with some glasses,


Cisco seems RF kidnapping Tina McGee from Mercury Labs. Barry tries and fails to stop him, but then does stop him from killing her and even captures him, actually beating him for the first time (without help from R’as al Arrow and original Firestorm).

Sadly, this messes with the timeline and Cisco starts dying, so Barry is forced to help Eobard go back to the future (an actual line from the episode! tho not in the clip below). I was kind of hoping he’d stick around to help fight common enemy Zoom, but this was still good.

Cisco gets some glasses from Earth-2 Wells to help him focus his Vibe powers, which look somewhat familiar.


Jay Garrick is still dying, and Caitlyn figures out she can use healthy cells from his Earth-1 counterpart, but can’t seem to find out, and then we find out why.

Earth-1 “Jay Garrick” was orphaned at birth, and adopted by the Zolomon family, who named him Hunter. That’s right Earth-1 Jay Garrick is Hunter Zolomon, aka the real identity of Zoom in the comics. Also, it turns out those healthy Earth-1 cells can’t be used because Jay’s physiology changed when he became a speedster, so the only way to save him is to stop Zoom and get his speed back from him.


Of course, in the comics, Zoom isn’t a traditional speedster, he is able to do bursts of time travel that make it seem like he’s moving fast. And his twisted motivation is to challenge the Flash (Wally West in this case) to make him a better hero. He also offers the same unwanted service to other heroes.


Joe tells Iris her mom is dying so she goes to visit her, and forgives her, and eventually convinces Wally to see her before it’s too late. So they bond a bit as brother and sister.

Patty leaves for CSI school but not before proving her detective skills and deducing that Barry is The Flash. She confirms it with a false alarm after he refuses to admit it. So long Patty, you were a cool character, sorry to see you go.


So as Wells had explained, this is the Reverse Flash’s origin story. If you’d like to see something like this in comic book for, I suggest you read The Return of Barry Allen, available on Comixology, starting from issue #74, and ending in #79). It’s a Wally West story written by Mark Waid if you need more reason to check it out.

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