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The Flash 2.13: Welcome to Earth-2

It’s here. It’s finally here! We got to see Earth-2! Enough fangirling, let’s talk about the doppelgangers. Let’s talk about the cool futuristic comic-book like vibe Earth-2 Central City gives off. Let’s talk about all the other cool things from this episode. Spoilers ahoy!

“This time, I’m not coming alone.”

Barry is ready to take the fight to Zoom. He wants to help Wells save his daughter, and stop Zoom for good. They start by Flash closing down all the other breaches between the worlds with the tech we saw them use last week.


Before taking off, Barry has a farewell dinner with Joe and Iris. Iris doesn’t want to talk him out of it, but she does question his motives to make sure he’s not running away from his life here. Jay Garrick also wishes him luck, and gives him some parting advice, to not get emotionally attached to what happens. Cisco leaves letters for his family with Caitlin, should the worse happen.

Joe: “I hope you get your daughter back.”

Wells: “I’ll make sure you get your son back.”

Then they are off, cue the suspenseful music. WE SEE SUPERGIRL AS THEY PASS THOUGH! We also catch glimpses of an archer that could be Green Arrow (or Connor Hawke?) and who I think is the John Wesley Shipp version of the Flash as well as someone who could be Jonah Hex (who we have seen a poser of in Legends) and Groodd who I’m hoping is a bit of foreshadowing of his return.


Then as they pass though the breach is destabilized and traps both Barry and Cisco in Earth-2. They land safe in the Earth-2 counterpart of Star Labs, and both Barry and Cisco marvel at the sight of this world’s Central City.

“Holy 2001. I feel like I just opened my third eye.”

They encounter their first Doppelganger on this side of the breach, and momentarily panic. The nice scientist of Earth-2 was a villain on Earth-1. Better than that is the next, MAYOR SNART is making the news on TV, but Barry doesn’t even hear the name. Cisco then attempts to use his goggles, but fails, because the frequency is different on this Earth than their own.


At a loss of how to proceed without Cisco’s ability to Vibe Zoom, Barry kidnaps his Earth-2 counterpart and assumes his identity. Even on this Earth Barry is a CSI working with the CCPD, and perhaps there they can get some leads. We get some more fun Doppelgangers on this Earth, but the important one is Iris who is a detective and the wife of Barry Allen. And Lawton, her partner, who on this earth is apparently a terrible shot and that’s how he got the name Deadshot.

Iris takes her husband home, where she tells him that his mother called. Barry is emotional at the events in his life on Earth-2 that are different than his own on Earth-1. He even gets a chance to call his mother. Iris then takes him out where they see Joe singing at a Jazz lounge. The perfect life that Earth-2 Barry has isn’t as great as Barry thinks. Joe on this Earth dislikes Barry, and especially his marriage to his daughter.


“No matter what Universe I’m in they are my family!”

Then we see how Zoom enforces his influence on the other criminals of Central City. He has his own enforcers who make sure that any crime committed goes through him first. Two of those enforcers are none other than Killer Frost and Deathstorm.


Killer Frost and Deathstorm breakup the party though. They’re here looking for whoever came though the breach, and threaten all those present. Barry attempts to talk to ‘Caitlin’ and when that fails he zips them away when no one is looking. He is obviously reluctant to fight them, but instead makes them retreat when he uses the helmit off the Flash statue to cause one of Deathstorm’s fireball to injure Killer Frost.


Meanwhile, back at Star-labs Wells is stressing, and Cisco is geeking, and both are working on the goggles. Barry reteams up with them and tells them of his encounter. Wells insists that the people Barry encountered here are just mirror reflections of those in his real life, and that instead of worrying about them he should worry that since Killer Frost and Deathstorm know that he’s here it won’t be long until Zoom does too. Barry insists that they are still his family, and they need him.

Joe is in the hospital, but he knows that he doesn’t have much time, so he says goodbye to his daughter and tells her every song he sang was for her, then tells Barry to take care of his baby. Then we hear the monitors going off.


“I’ve seen fire, and I’ve seen rain, I can handle myself.”

Iris is gearing up to go after Killer Frost and Deathstorm, and Barry introduces her to Cisco. Cisco has a device that should be able to negate Killer Frost’s powers, and he wants her to take him in the field. They head to an abandoned warehouse of some kind where they do find the two of them. They also find the man they’re working for. Not Zoom, it’s Cisco’s doppelganger, Reverb.


Reverb says he was disappointed in Vibe. He says he has the potential to be great with his powers, but instead he uses them for ‘cheap parlor tricks’. He tells Cisco that he could run Central City if he wanted to, and then he offers to teach him everything he knows. He even insinuates that he could overthrow Zoom with his abilities.

Instead of taking him up on the offer, Cisco calls in the Flash. It takes both Killer Frost and Deathstorm to face off against him after he zips Iris to safety. While they’re facing off Reverb still tries to pull Vibe to the dark side ala “Cloud City Vader.”


Flash is down and Deathstorm continues to pound on him, despite Killer Frost warning that Zoom wanted him alive. As if sensing that his followers are a bit mutinous, Zoom arrives. He quickly dispatches both Deathstorm and Reverb for their insubordination, then threatens Killer Frost before releasing her. He abducts Flash and cages him like the others, where we see Jessie.

Poor Cisco looks like he’s getting some flashback pains after seeing that.

“Barry is protecting your world, and our world needs a Flash right about now.”

Back on Earth-1 it’s not all calmed down. Both Jay and Caitlin are diligently working on repairing the breach between the worlds before the time that Barry and Cisco are set to return, but it is proving difficult.


That isn’t their only problem either. A meta by the given name of Adam Fells, and the chosen name of Geomancer, is terrorizing the city and demanding to see the Flash. Joe suggests that Jay try taking Velocity-6 again to stop him, but Jay says that isn’t an option.

Jay tells Caitlin that the reason he can’t take it is because he’s taken it before and that there were some unforeseen side effects. The most notable is that it is what is making him sick now. Caitlin insists that this is something they can figure out together.


We see Geomancer surrounded by the police, and he tells them it’s not the men in blue he wants but the man in red. Then Jay Shows up in a blur and takes him on. Together him and Joe are able to overpower him. He’s able to get his powers back thanks to the powers of Velocity-7 that Caitlin was able to make up.


Assorted Musings

Oh look, they’re planting the seeds of Iris and Barry as a couple again.

They look like they might be setting up for that Supergirl crossover event.

Atlantis is mentioned again.

Barry totally stole an important moment between husband and wife. Not cool man. And really awkward when you think about it.


I thought it was a bit boring that Earth-2 Barry was basically Barry minus the Speed Force.

I’m looking forward to Cisco exploring his powers a bit more now that he’s seen the potential they have.


Henry Allen is the one main character we haven’t seen a doppelganger for yet, making him ranked a little higher on the “Who is Zoom” list.

This whole episode can be summed up:

  1. Iris: Don’t run away from your life here.
  2. Jay: Don’t get emotionally attached to what you see.
  3. Wells: Don’t get involved, these aren’t the people you know.
  4. Barry: I’m going to take over my doppelgangers life completely, even though I got nothing out of it I can use against Zoom.

Bruce, Hal, and Diana, huh? Possibly Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. Also Eddie could be Eddie Thawne again.

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