The second part of the team’s adventures on Earth-2 was last night, and it was pretty intense all around. Not always the good kind of intense, but it had some great moments. Let’s hear your thoughts. Spoilers starting now.

“Zoom is hunting us!”

So Zoom is now after Wells, and he’s making sure the whole city knows it. Burning the message into a building type of message even. Wells orders everyone to evacuate Star Labs, for their own safety. Cisco barges in and brings Wells up to speed about how Flash took on Killer Frost and Deathstorm, and even Cisco’s evil doppelganger, Reverb. As well as how Zoom showed up, killed Deathstorm and Reverb and took Barry. All in about two breaths.

Wells is adamant that they need to leave, to hide, before Zoom finds them. Cisco also tells him how he stole Reverb’s gear, and maybe they can tweak them to use with his own powers. That’s when they realize that Barry 2 was still locked up, and they free him.

Just in time for Zoom himself to show up. Wells locks them all in the time vault, just like the one in Star Labs on Earth 1 where we normally see Gideon. They know they need to move though, so as soon as the cost is clear they head out.

“There’s no way out.”

Flash is stuck in a cage in Zoom’s lair, with Jesse and a guy in a metal mask to keep him company. Guy in metal mask is trying to communicate somehow by tapping, but it’s not Morse Code. Barry tells Jesse that her dad will save them, and when she doubts it he also tells her how everything he’s done since they met was working towards saving her. Then Zoom appears and says the only reason any of them are alive is so that Wells will take Barry’s speed and give it to him.


Cisco and Wells take Barry 2 to see Iris and fill her in on what’s happened the previous day. Then they ask for her help since she’s been working to track down Zoom. She says the only way to track him would be with the help of a meta that worked with him. They then decide that with Deathstorm’s death, maybe Killer Frost would be inclined to help them.


Barry is trying to figure out how the man in the mask is trying to say to them. It’s Jesse though that starts seeing the pattern, but Barry is the one who realizes it’s the five by five code used by POWs. They put their minds together and get started on it. Jay is what he’s tapping out, and Barry realizes he’s talking about Jay Garrick. Zoom comes along and stops the communication before they get any further than that though.

Zoom doesn’t like Barry’s actions, and he points out that all he needs is his speed, and he only needs to be barely alive for him to steal it. Then he pounds Barry quite a bit. Zipping in and out of Barry’s cage though showed him how to get out of it. Barry works as phasing through the glass, but is having difficulty, possibly because the material on this earth vibrates on a different frequency.


“I’m just Barry Allen, but you’re the Flash.”

The team finds Killer Frost in the woods just outside Central City. Cisco tries to appeal to her saying that she must be pretty angry at Zoom for killing the man she loved. She points out that if Zoom finds out that she betrayed him, then he’d kill her. However, killing them and taking them to Zoom means that he’d let her off her leash. She chooses the former. Eventually Cisco is able to get the upper hand with a gun to her head and they take her prisoner.

I’ve got to say that while Cisco had some great lines tonight including calling Killer Forst Elsa, but the line of the night goes to Barry 2 with:

Her name starts with Killer, and this comes as a shock to you?

Even taken hostage, Killer Frost isn’t willing to cooperate. Cisco tries again, trying to appeal to Caitlin. He tells her that he knows the Caitlin Snow on his earth, and how the death of her Ronnie Raymond devastated her. She relents and says she will take them to where he is hiding, Ascension Cliffs. Getting up the cliffs to the opening will be difficult though, but Killer Frost makes a way up with her ice powers.


They make it up, and Wells and Jesse have their heartwarming reunion. Frost is able to use her powers to break the chains off of Jesse, but they don’t work on the Carbyne that makes up Barry’s cage. Barry tells them to leave without him, before Zoom gets back. Barry 2 then tells Barry off, saying they worked hard to get here, and therefore Barry can’t give up that easily.

The pep talk from his doppelganger works, and Barry phases through his cage. That’s when Zoom shows up, and thanks Killer Frost for bringing them to him. Barry and Wells tell Zoom that he only needs the two of them, and to let the others go. That’s when Zoom reminds Jesse he told her that he would kill her in front of her father. Just before he does though Killer Frost uses her powers against him and holds him in ice casing until the others get out.


Barry tells Barry 2 and Iris to get out of town so Zoom doesn’t come after them again, and they agree saying they have family they could stay with in Atlantis. Barry then tells Wells and Jesse the same thing, but they have a safe place to go, namely back to Earth-1 with Barry and Cisco. Zoom shows up as soon as they’re heading through the breach though and grabs Wells. Wells injects him with something and Flash is able to zip him away through the breach.

Just when everyone was safely back on Earth-1, Zoom reaches through and stabs Jay through the heart and drags him back to Earth-2.


Back on Earth-1

Geomancer is still on the loose. Jay was able to fix the breach though, so it’s ready for Barry and Cisco’s return in 20 hours. Caitlin is working on Velocity 8, but it’s not ready yet. Velocity 7, however, had some more negative side effects.

Iris is working at the paper still, this time about the “new Flash” that went up against Geomancer. Her new editor isn’t liking it though. For some reason he’d rather take a completely different approach and do a piece on how the Flash is gone and they can’t rely on him to save them anymore.


Iris goes to ask Jay if she can write the article about him instead. Before they discuss it much, Geomancer is attacking the town. Luckily, Caitlin just completed Velocity-9 which did away with the problems she was having with Velocity-8. Without waiting to test it, Jay takes it and goes after Geomancer. He’s able to use his speed to save everyone from a building he collapsed.

Afterwards, Caitlin runs her tests on Jay and realizes she might have found out to permanently heal Jay. Before she can do that though, Geomancer arrives at Star Labs and threatens them all. Caitlin is able to get a giant gun type weapon that shoots a collar though and take him down. Joe shows up and handcuffs Geomancer and takes him off to Iron Heights.


Caitlin then tells Jay that the Velocity-9 formula kick starts his regenerative abilities, allowing his cells to heal themselves. Working with that, they might be able to make his recover permanent. That’s when the alarms starts going off. Geomancer’s last earthquake at Star Labs damaged the Speed Cannon.

Jay’s got a plan to re-stabilize the breach using his re-acquired speed powers. Joe helps too, and together they stabilize it just in time before Jay’s Velocity 9 wears off.

Assorted Musings

The lack of Cisco using his powers now that he knows their potential is just a waste. I call Shenanigans!


Channel 52 was mentioned again.

So what’s the point of all the flyers and message demanding Wells if you didn’t even bother to check at Star Labs first?

“Commander Carl, Space Marshal of the Galaxy” sounds like it should be a reference, but all that comes to mind is Combat Carl from Toy Story.


We get a mention of Earth-2's Patty Spivot, but no actual appearance by her.

“Cliffs of Insanity” is another Princess Bride reference, God I love Cisco.

We also get to see more Wanted Posters on Barry 2's office Wall. Top three are Deathstorm, Zoom, and Killer Frost. Bottom ones I can’t identify but I’m pretty sure the first is Doctor Light/Linda Park.


So the guy in the mask. He got real angry when Barry told him that Jay Garrick was on his Earth. That’s kind of weird. Unless that the Jay we know isn’t the real Jay. Maybe the real Jay/Flash is the man in the mask and the Jay that’s on Earth-1 isn’t really him, but Earth-2's Hunter Zolomon and he was using the team this whole time. They wouldn’t name drop him without a reason.