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When King Shark was just a minor bad guy that was littler more than a running joke it was a disappointment. Last night’s episode totally made up for that right here. There’s also a minor Arrow crossover with a bit of a spoiler, so be aware. Let’s talk about the latest episode of The Flash. Spoilers ahoy!

We pick up right where we left off, with Zoom stabbing Jay and pulling him through the breach that Barry, Cisco, Wells, and his daughter just came though. Barry wants to open the breach again to go after him, but Wells explains the way they sealed the breaches makes it so they cannot be reopened again. Caitlin is heartbroken, again. Then we see a bit of a montage “we moved on with our lives” as Barry explains that they moved on, and the three of them decided to not talk about Earth-2 to anyone else.


“I think Bruce has gone belly-up.”

We then see King Shark about to be fed, until he doesn’t show up for his food. They suspect something is wrong and take down the barrier. As it always does, it does not end well. This place is apparently one of the many secret bases of ARGUS that Amanda Waller left behind. Lyla and Diggs are checking the place out. Then we hear the announcement that there is a “Code 7” in Aquarium 3 and they rush to the scene.


Jump to Barry and the family spending time together. We see Wally enjoying being fast with cup stacking, and Barry being mopey. Iris and Joe are concerned, but neither of them can even begin to guess what’s wrong but know he hasn’t been the same since he returned to Earth-2.


“He’s fast John, get over it.”

At Star Labs, Caitlin has been working around the clock, and Cisco is concerned about her. Barry agrees, but doesn’t think it’s as extreme as Cisco thinks she is. That’s when Diggs and Lyla show up and tell them that that King Shark is loose. Barry is all ready to take him on, as he’s the last of the metas that Zoom sent after the Flash from Earth-2.


Wells fills them in a bit on him, his real name is Shay Landon, a Marine biologist. Cisco looks up the Earth-1 counterpart, who is reportedly deceased after the particle accelerator explosion gave him cancer, but has a widow who is a scientist who studies sharks. Cisco and Caitlin go to talk to her. They don’t see much of a connection to her late husband, but they do want to see her research into sharks to help with a recent metahuman attack.

Afterwards, Cisco points out to Caitlin she was a bit harst to Mrs. Landon. Cisco says Cisco is the one that has been acting different since their return. Once they’re back at the lab, the tension doesn’t ease up. Cisco says she has an icy look in her eye “like she did over there” and Caitlin pounces on that. She gets Cisco to tell her about her evil doppelganger. He says that while she doesn’t have the powers she still seems shut off, detached, and cold. Caitlin says that she has to right now, because of what happened and all the pain and anger she is feeling.


The Flash and Argus are all over town looking to find King Shark. They don’t have much luck until he attacks a few of the men at the shipyard, but gets away. Diggs and Barry briefly catch eachother up on the current events, just a bit. Diggs isn’t suited up this time, but Cisco is working on a new helmet for him.

Wells is trying to figure out a way to track or find King Shark, but isn’t having much luck. Then Jesse jumps in to help him and together they seem to be on the right track.


“I didn’t come here for you to do it for me.”

Joe asked Barry if he is willing to hang out with Wally and maybe help him out with his engineering project. He’s trying to get into CCU’s engineering program, with a project on turbine engines for cars powered by biodiesel. Barry tires to help by pointing out the problems with it so they can be addressed, but Wally takes it as discouragement.


Barry kind of takes over the project, doing it for him by fixing all the gaps in the problem. This, understandably, gets under Wally’s skin. He wanted someone to work on the project on with him together, not to do it for him. That’s not the only problem though. It becomes obvious that the West family treats Barry like the golden boy of the family, and that bugs Wally just a little bit.

Just when they’re about to have it out, the moment is interrupted by King Shark. He’s here looking for the Flash, and he can smell him. Barry sneaks away, and the Flash appears. He tells King Shark that all the breaches to his earth are now closed, and he’s going to be here for a long time. King Shark then knocks him down and then takes off.

Joe: I don’t suppose my home owners insurance covers a “Sharknado” attack.

Wally: I don’t understand you people. Jaws busts through here like the Kool-Aid Man, The Flash shows up, and y’all act like it’s no big deal.

Iris: Yeah, we’ve had a lot of weird things happen in Central City over the past two years.

Wally: Weirder than a talking shark wearing pants?

Afterwards, the West family is cleaning up where King Shark broke in to the house. When Barry reappears, Wally asks where he was and accuses him of being a coward and hiding. Of course, Barry can’t really correct him. Wally takes off, and Barry tells Joe and Iris they have to stop making him out to be perfect to Wally.


They then corner him about his behavior lately, and Barry gives in and tells them about what happened on Earth-2. He also unloads the guilt he has been feeling, including the fact that he left all of Earth-2 at Zoom’s mercy.

“I’ve been running away from things instead of towards them, that needs to change.”

At Star Labs, the team regroups. Caitlin found something in Landon’s research that could help, sharks use passive electolocation. Wells and Jesse get to work on a way to turn that against him to lure him into a trap. In true Cisco fashion we get a Flash body double on a metal bouy as the finial lure with enough tranquilizers to put him out for a month. They wait for hours with no King Shark.

Cisco: Caitlin, I don’t understand why i can’t be the one playing Quint in this scenario. I should be the one out there, not you.

Caitlin: I need to do this.

Wells: You know Quint dies, right?

Then we see the readings show he’s nearby, just as he jumps out of the water and takes a bite out of the lure. He either doesn’t eat the lure, or the tranquilizers don’t work. He heads to the real Flash on the docks instead. Flash runs on water and King Shark follows. Flash runs fast enough to electrify the water, which leads to Flash electrocuting King Shark and knocking him out.


ARGUS reclaims King Shark, and Lyla says any plans to weaponized King Shark died with Amanda Waller. Now she wants to study how he came to be, and cure him if that’s possible. Barry likes and agrees to this. Then Diggs gives Barry the pep talk of a lifetime. If anyone knows what loosing comrades feels like, it’s Diggs, and he tells Barry to quit feeling guilty and blaming himself.

At Jitters Wally show Joe his finial engineering project. Joe also takes this moment to explain how Barry came to live him with him, and that led him to be a bit over protective of him over the years.


At Star Labs, Caitlin finds Cisco working on something and decided to have a little fun at his expense. She claims it was in retaliation for him even thinking that she could turn evil, despite the fact that was was tested for the metahuman gene and it was negative.


Afterwards, Barry gets a few things off his chest to the whole team. He says that everything that has happened since he decided to go back in time and save his mother was his fault. He owns those choices though, and is going to right all the wrongs that happened afterwards. He says the battle against Zoom isn’t over, and they will beat him.


Then on Earth-2 we see Zoom deposit Jay’s body in the cage in his lair where he was holding Barry. Then we finally get to see the face under the mask.



Assorted Musings

I love Flash/Arrow crossovers both big and little. However, I strongly am against them doing something in one show that effects main characters in the other. I didn’t like when Cisco gave Black Canary her Canary Cry in an episode of Flash, and I don’t like that they gave Spartan a new helmet in the Flash either. They didn’t even explain how Canary got the cry in Arrow in the episode following, and that’s just a disservice to those who don’t watch both.


The lack of Cisco using his powers is really starting to bug me.

Wally said that Joe and Iris treat him “as though he walks on water” in an episode in which he runs on water. lolz.


There were a lot of Jaws reference, and if I’m right about “Nautilus Labs” then at least one 10,000 Leagues reference as well.

I think it’s interesting that Waller was still looking into ways to weaponize the metas. King Shark was a member of the suicide squad at one point. It’s too bad we don’t get them on TV now.


They dropped the name of a fictional metal as well: promethium. Not sure if that’s going anywhere, but it’s been used in the comics a bit with more characters we probably won’t see anyways.

DUDE, that preview for episode 16 though. It’s going to be a long wait.

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