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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The Flash 4x03 - "La Suerte es una Dama" Reaction Thread

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Tonight we have the bad luck trope, and I am OK with having more silly on The Flash. I know this somehow is gonna go to a darker place at some point in the middle of the episode, I am also OK with darkness as long as it’s not dumb and overbearing. Let us react!

Barry (Grant Gustin) and the team are hit by a string of bad luck and realize it is the handiwork of a new meta, Becky (guest star Sugar-Lyn Beard) nicknamed Hazard, who has the ability to give others bad luck, while cashing in the benefits for herself. Meanwhile, Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh) returns to Earth-1 to give Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) a message from Jesse. Armen V. Kevorkian directed the episode written by Sam Chalsen & Judalina Neira

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See you in a bit.


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