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The Flash 5x14 "Cause and XS" Reaction Thread

The timeline of TV promos for Flash is still messed up, so It’s still in Spanish, but worry not, fellow ODeckers, I am here to facilitate an English spoken thread about the dangers Iris is in, and her daughter trying to come to the rescue while Cisco keeps being the inexplicable anti-meta protagonist we need each season rotating from the main cast.

Info in Español: Después de que Iris (Candice Patton) aterriza en grave peligro, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) corre para salvar a su madre. Barry (Grant Gustin) pone los toques finales a la cura metahumana, dejando a Cisco (Carlos Valdés) con una rara noche libre, por lo que decide llevar a Kamilla (la estrella invitada a Victoria Park) a una cita. Rachel Talalay dirigió el episodio escrito por Todd Helbing y Jeff Hersh (# 514). Fecha de emisión original 2/12/2019.


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