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Speed pun intended. Spoilers below

So the Flash is slowly building to the reveal that Harrison Wells isn’t Harrison Wells and that he is the reverse flash. Another episode where the villain of the week was an after thought, but that’s OK. We got to see Barry make out with Caitlyn. Even if that wasn’t the real Barry. Her reaction and lingering reaction is a bit priceless. Especially when you call back to the episode she got drunk and Barry helped her get dressed for bed and she said “did you look at the goods?

Oh and high five to everyone who said Eddie should just tell Iris he’s working with the Flash. No need to tell her that the Flash is Barry.


Detective Lance with a lance through the heart of Detective West. “She lied to me. Kept something from me that she shouldn’t have.”

Caitlyn with the name for the villain of the week. Everyman and he liked the name to boot.

I’d love to see the Flash turn the Barry/Iris plot on it’s head and make Barry and Caitlyn a couple.

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